Baby Swartout!

coming to our home, summer 2010

baby stuff March 31, 2010

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A few weeks ago we started an Amazon registry for a few hard-to-find things or things that were better priced online.  But last weekend we started the real deal at the big stores – Babies R Us, and the newly opened Buy Buy Baby.  BBB was great, although a lot of their stuff was crazily priced ($35 for one simple hooded towel … it was cute, but not THAT cute), they also had the basics and some better options (car sun shade 2 pack for $10 woohoo).  But the best thing was that the story was laid out nice and easy to shop (just like their parent company, Bed Bath and Beyond).  The stroller section was also fantastic, with the stroller we want and lots of other options BRU doesn’t carry.  On top of that they were all out so you could try them out without having to try to get them off a shelf.  Seriously, at BRU they have a bunch on a shelf that is above waist height for me.  If not for Tim, how would I get those down???  Also had tons of carseat options.  So, mommies to be (and future mommies to be), I highly recommend you check out Buy Buy Baby if you’ve got one near you.

Realized we still hadn’t researched or decided on high chairs or car seats … but at least now we can just go online and add/change whatever we like.  What a big production!  Much more work than the wedding registry since safety is such a concern, not just looks and durability…

oh baby….


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