Baby Swartout!

coming to our home, summer 2010

Time Flies! April 28, 2010

Filed under: preparations — jen @ 12:32 pm

Can’t believe I haven’t posted since 3/31.  That’s nearly a month.  And it has FLOWN by.

At the beginning of April we took “one last just-us trip” to Montreal.  We had a fun trip with gorgeous weather.  We walked a ton (and my feet swelled) but it was great.  Our hotel also had a big deep whirlpool tub, which was great – it really did take all the pressure/weight off.

Since then, we’ve been working, going to natural childbirth classes every Thursday night, and trying to start prepping the baby’s room.  We have definitely picked up speed on prepping the nursery and are hoping to paint this weekend since it will be nice out and we can open all the windows.  We got a dresser/changing table and switched out the knobs for cute green glass ones.  Next we need to pick out the tree decal we want and re-frame a large painting (a Janet original) to hang.

My fabulous sister and mother-in-law have been planning a shower for next month which is sweet and I’m excited for it.  I am feeling big, though I think my belly’s growth has hit a bit of a plateau.  I got some much needed new spring maternity clothes, and relish every day it is warm enough to put my fat feet into sandals instead of shoes!


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