Baby Swartout!

coming to our home, summer 2010

Baby is Here! July 7, 2010

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Wednesday 6/30 was my last day at work.  I was looking forward to at least a few days off to run a few errands, finish a few projects, and do a little cleaning around the house… we went to bed around 10/1030 … at 12:30 I was awake and pretty certain my water had broken and was having mild contractions.  I waited a little while and then woke Tim and called the Dr.  Since we still hadn’t completely packed our bags it took us about an hour to get ready…

We got to the hospital around 2:45.  Little did we know we had a long day in store — we spent the entirety of Thursday in the hospital.

Evelyn Donna Swartout was born Friday 7/2/10 at 1:06 a.m.  She weighed 7 pounds, 6 oz and measured 20.5″

We were exhausted, and instantly in love!

See more pictures on Flickr, where you can download the original quality prints (right-click and choose your size and then choose “download this photo”), print with Snapfish (under Actions choose “order prints and more”), and eventually view videos we upload!

Evie’s Flickr Page

For those of you who are interested, Evie’s birth was natural (only a low dose of Pitocin after 17 hours of labor to get things moving) and I delivered her without any pain meds.  If you’re interested in doing the same I’d recommend you check out the following:

The nurses at the hospital where I delivered (Emerson) were awesome, as was my midwife, Sherri (AFA OBGYN).


2 Responses to “Baby is Here!”

  1. Grandma Says:

    All those pictures are so precious. She is so bright and has beautiful eyes. My cousin’s husband said she looks more than just a few days old. He never saw a baby so Bright when only 2days old. My great gandkids don’t fool around. They want to take everything in right away,.. I wish I could reach in that computer and hold her and hug and kiss her. Oh well someday. You and Tim and Evie are one wonderful happy and loving family. Oh I forgot Tucker too.
    All our love Grandma & Grandpap

  2. Damien Says:

    Congrats! She’s very cute! All the best to you guys.

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