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coming to our home, summer 2010

One Month… (a day late) August 3, 2010

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Dear Evy,

It is hard to believe you are already a month old!  You are changing so much each week, each day.  You are getting bigger and so much stronger.  You are starting to make little noises other than cries and cat-like whimpers.  You are starting to smile when you are awake, though we haven’t gotten you to do it on demand yet, or in response to anything in particular.

Every day, we wonder what you will be like and look like as a little girl, a teenager, a grown up … and we are so excited to find out!  We can’t wait to see who you’ll be, but at the same time it’s sad to see our tiny, snuggly baby growing up.

Already you have been to a wedding (you were so quiet & good – you even slept through the blasting music at the reception!), and both of our hometowns.  You have been pretty easy on us–Sunday and Monday of this week you slept 6 straight hours at night.  On Saturday you even slept the whole time while we went out for lunch!

You are outgrowing almost all of your newborn clothes, and you’ve been able to wear lots of the cute 0-3 month summer outfits our friends and family gave you.  You are starting to enjoy your swing more and we can really see you focusing on and looking at us, at lights, at toys.  Tucker likes to sniff your feet and check you out when you are in your swing.  When you are napping, he often sleeps next to your crib.

You have big feet, and your Grandpap Smetana and Great-Grandma Smetana both think you are going to have the big Smetana feet like me, your great-Aunt Barb, and your great-great-Aunt Mary Cancelmi.  I guess we’ll find out!

At your Dr’s appointment last Friday you were four weeks exactly.  You weighed 9 pounds, 4.5 ounces and were 21” long.  Daddy and I think you are longer (we measured 21.5”), especially since you are too long for your newborn size sleepers!  The doctor said you looked great and we were doing a good job …we sure hope so!




One Response to “One Month… (a day late)”

  1. Grandma Says:

    YOu must be doing everything right. I ‘m so glad she is smiling. Babies smile earlier than when I had mine. Of course there is more to smile about now. You have the equipment to take her everywhere in the carrier you have . We never even had a special seat for babies in the cars. There was something that just sat on the back seat called a car bed. It was not even attached to anything just sat on the backseat. No safety seat belts etc. Thank GOD for progress. I wish I could push a button and be there. No such luck, so send me lots of pictures please Love Grandma

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