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coming to our home, summer 2010

The end of an era…. October 10, 2010

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October 9, 2010

Dear Evelyn,

You are three months and one week old.  Fourteen weeks and one day.  I just put you down for a nap and when I was rocking you to sleep in your room I realized that you filled my arms.  I don’t know when you got so big — some days it really seems like you’ve grown overnight!

Your baby-hood really is flying by, just like everyone said it would.  You are getting stronger all the time – you push, kick, roll over, and do crunches when you’re lying on your boppy pillow on the couch.  You sit up in your bumbo seat for short periods of time (until you start to fuss) and you’ll hold a rattle or a ring of plastic keys – you even switched hands with that the other day!  You are touching different toys and feeling things and you are more and more aware of the world around you.

At your two month doctor’s visit you were 11 pounds, 12 ounces, and 23¼” – you grew over 2 inches in one month!  You also rolled onto your side and your doctor was very impressed.  You had your first shots at that appointment and you did not like it.  Your dad held your hands, but you went from happy to screaming in a quick second, and were fussy for the rest of the day with a low grade fever, my poor baby.  You had more vaccinations a month later – but only one shot this time and you did much better.

You have been busy in the past two months — you went to another wedding, spent a weekend at a lake with Grandma, Grandpa and your cousins.  You spent a day with Meema, Aunt Emily, and Aunt Jordan.  You’ve spent a lot of time with Grandpap & Pam.  You met your Great-Uncle Al and Aunt Linda. Shortly after you turned one month old, you started smiling at us all the time, and now you almost always return our smiles.  Around two months you started giggling.  Just a couple of weeks ago you started laughing and had daddy and I laughing with you — all three of us were sitting here cracking up.  You “talk” to us all the time now, especially when you’re well rested and alert and happy.  You have the best smile, it’s impossible not to smile back!  After you sneeze you say something like “aiiiyaa” – it may just be one of the funniest, cutest thing you do.

Recently, you’ve started to watch Tucker run around.  We hope the two of you can be friends when you’re a little older.  We’ve started putting you in your high chair while we eat dinner or while we wash dishes or bottles in the kitchen.  You seem to like being at our level at the table and up having a new perspective on the world.  A few weeks ago you started sleeping in your crib at night and shortly after that we stopped swaddling you.  Now you move all around your crib and often sleep through the night! (We consider ourselves very lucky for that!)  Now that your legs have chunked up your cloth diapers are a great fit and we really like them.  It’s not something very many people are doing these days but they are better for you, and the environment, and although they make your bum look huge, they are very cute and colorful.

This past week was tough for me – I went back to work.  I know that it’s normal, that most moms work outside the home now, but I want you to know how sad I was to be leaving you. The weekends are special because we get to be with you all day.  We try to have special time with you during the week, too, even if it’s not as much.  In the morning, I get you up and pick out your outfit and change you and snuggle you, and then daddy gets time with you – he feeds you and gets you all set and drops you off.  I usually pick you up from daycare and get a big smile and the women there all report that you are happy and smiley all day. 

We measured you last week you’re now around 24½“ — you really are growing!  You’re in 3 – 6 month clothes, though a few of your 0-3s still fit.  You are changing all the time, and it’s crazy to think how soon you’ll be doing things like eating food and maybe actually saying words.

We love you so much, our smiley, cuddly girl.



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  1. Auntie Jordan Says:

    Hey Jen- I just wanted to let you know that writing this entry was one of the most amazing things for Evy. She will love it when she gets older and can read them. I wish I had done this with Ella! So special to read all about how much she is growing and changing. Hope all is well, Give everyone love from Auntie.


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