Baby Swartout!

coming to our home, summer 2010

about us February 8, 2010

we live outside of boston, ma with our cutey-cute dog, Tucker.  we have a little house in a little town, both of which we love. we commute to totally different areas of the state.  when we’re not cooking a baby, we love trying new beers – whether brewed at home, or tasted at festivals or brew pubs or breweries.  in the meantime, tim is making rootbeer in our kegarator.  we also love to travel and frequently reminisce about our trip to italy in june 2009 and our lovely honeymoon to tulum, mexico.  most recently we travelled to san diego for a wedding & a short vaca.  we are hoping to do a “babymoon” this spring … destination unknown.  we also like movies & tv, especially Lost.

we are excited for baby swartout (sex to remain unknown until the big birth-day) to join us and want to share all that’s going on with our friends & family (especially those who aren’t local!)


4 Responses to “about us”

  1. Grandma Says:

    You make me very excited for you. I hope you are able to do everything you plan on doing before the baby is born. Good luck with that. This is going to be fun. I won’t have to keep asking your Dad or Pam how you are. Plese be careful with your diet. You don’t want to get high blood pressure. We are so happy for you both. I can just see Tim walking the floor with the baby in his arms and that big smile on his face. So proud. I can’t wait .

  2. Pam Says:

    Dear Tim & Jen, Your Dad & I are both very excited about the upcoming birth. We want you to know we are both here for you for whatever you need and will help in any way possible. We are glad we live not too far from each other so we can see the baby frequently. Anything you need we are here for you. Much love dad & pam

  3. Grandma Says:

    I am so happy your Dad sent me this today. It’s almost like being there. I really got excited reading all of this at one time , by the time I got to the latest , I don’t think I missed anything. Believe me, I sure am going to figure a way we can get up there to see everyone and “the little one”. I can’t wait to hold his or her.

  4. Richard Skeels Says:

    Tim and Jen

    Thanks for the great Introduction Card announcy Evelyn’s arrival. A great big Congratulations to y’all from West Swanzey, NH. Best of luck with adjusting to the next great phase of life.

    Richard and Judy Skeels

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