Baby Swartout!

coming to our home, summer 2010

That was fast… July 14, 2010

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Tim goes back to work tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe how fast those two weeks went.  I guess spending 2.5 of the days in the hospital didn’t help.  We also lucked out with the holiday, so he only took 9 vacation days, which means more days to take for family fun later.

I’m not worried about being solo all day, in fact part of me is a little anxious that the next 11 weeks will go too quickly, considering how quickly these past 2 went!  I just realized this morning, though, after Tim was up with her from around 4:30 or 5:00 until I woke up at 7:30, that we’re going to have to work on the overnight coverage, as Tim will need to get up and go to work.  Luckily for us, with his new job, sometimes he’ll only be commuting to the guest bedroom/his new home office.  Tomorrow, for instance, they are installing a business line for him, so he’ll actually be here all day, though he’ll have to be logged in and working … which will be nice, it’ll sort of wean me off of his being here all the time.  It’s been a wonderful two weeks.  The only downside is since I’ve been feeling up for doing something it’s been super hot & humid.  So yesterday instead of heading to North Bridge in Concord for a walk, we hit Target & Bed Bath and Beyond.

Ev is doing really great.  She’s been a little congested lately and we realized all the A/C was probably drying her out, so yesterday we got her a cute elephant humidifier (because an infant REALLY cares what their humidifier looks like).  Hopefully that will help.  She’s got frustrating fussy periods for sure, but we are usually able to get a decent night’s sleep (with a few breaks in there).  She’s changing so fast that while it’s exciting to see what little person she will turn into, it’s sad that her face already looks bigger and her belly/ribs look wider, and she’s got a double chin!  She’s already not the same tiny brand new baby!


Baby is Here! July 7, 2010

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Wednesday 6/30 was my last day at work.  I was looking forward to at least a few days off to run a few errands, finish a few projects, and do a little cleaning around the house… we went to bed around 10/1030 … at 12:30 I was awake and pretty certain my water had broken and was having mild contractions.  I waited a little while and then woke Tim and called the Dr.  Since we still hadn’t completely packed our bags it took us about an hour to get ready…

We got to the hospital around 2:45.  Little did we know we had a long day in store — we spent the entirety of Thursday in the hospital.

Evelyn Donna Swartout was born Friday 7/2/10 at 1:06 a.m.  She weighed 7 pounds, 6 oz and measured 20.5″

We were exhausted, and instantly in love!

See more pictures on Flickr, where you can download the original quality prints (right-click and choose your size and then choose “download this photo”), print with Snapfish (under Actions choose “order prints and more”), and eventually view videos we upload!

Evie’s Flickr Page

For those of you who are interested, Evie’s birth was natural (only a low dose of Pitocin after 17 hours of labor to get things moving) and I delivered her without any pain meds.  If you’re interested in doing the same I’d recommend you check out the following:

The nurses at the hospital where I delivered (Emerson) were awesome, as was my midwife, Sherri (AFA OBGYN).


Re-arranging March 12, 2010

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Last weekend we bought some new furniture so we can have better storage and move stuff out of the baby’s-room-to-be.  We got it all built thanks to help from my dad & pam but we haven’t done much since.  Need to attach it to the wall and really move stuff out.  Then it’s time to pick up the paint and build the dresser/changer we wound up buying at Ikea.

I’ve undertaken a project to make sure all of my CDs are loaded on the computer and am getting rid of all the ones I can part with, which was more than I realized.  Need to order some storage boxes to store what’s left in, and then the shelf holding them all can go downstairs – one more item we can clear out!  Now we just need to find a corner desk that doesn’t look too “office-y” so we can move our computer to the living room, and we need to sell our old bed, tv, and tv stand.

So many little pieces and I feel like we never have the time to do them!  We should have at least one free day each of the next 2 weekends after this one so hoepfully we’ll make some progress and I can post some photos!

I’ve been feeling good though my belly is definitely getting bigger and my hips are aching.  I’m getting a prenatal massage this weekend thanks to a bday gift from janet, so I hope that helps!


baby clothes March 1, 2010

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Yesterday we hit the Carter’s Outlet in Brattleboro, VT on the way back from visiting some family and bought outfits for the baby – the first ones we’ve purchased!  It’s tough, because there really isn’t much out there that qualifies as gender neutral.  We snagged some great finds though, including Halloween and Christmas outfits for about $2.50 each thanks to clearance, a sale on top of that, and then a 20% discount.  So excited to add these to the outfit we were given at Christmas and a bunch of gender-neutral stuff my sister in law gave us that our neice had used.

I think we’re pretty well settled on the “sunbeam” color for the room but need to start clearing things out and re-organizing a bit.  I think this weekend holds an Ikea trip so we can get a few pieces to help us rearrange things a bit.  Pretty excited to actually start making room for the baby!